You can find here all of Hristo Hvoynev's handmade sketchbook designs that you can personalize with different features. He can craft for you completely custom blank books. All of Hristo Hvoynev's handmade journal designs are available here. All sketchbooks are crafted with different eco-friendly materials like Linen and Burlap fabricsCotton and Hemp threadsand 100% recycled paper pagesEvery journal in this section has 2 options- the first one is Size and the second one is Page NumberPlease choose carefully before you check out your orders. You can leave a message to your order for what color you prefer for binding, inside cover lining, and bookmark.
Fantasy Art travel journal
Fantasy Art travel journal from $46.00 $46.00
Travel sketchbook journal
Travel sketchbook journal from $24.00 $24.00
Burlap travel sketchbook
Burlap travel sketchbook from $32.00 $32.00
Art travel journal
Art travel journal from $46.00 $46.00
Travel art sketchbook
Travel art sketchbook from $46.00 $46.00
Art travel sketchbook
Art travel sketchbook from $42.00 $48.00