Locations of Exdourn- My art collection

My Arts Collection is mostly drawings with ink and coloured pencils showing different places from my The Realm of Exdourn fantasy story.

Gallery of Exdourn places

A gigantic oak tree standing on a planet floating in space surrounded by a moon and a sun with stars in the sky

Thatch Vicinity

Illustration of a cottage village with a landscape of a mountain and trees around the houses with thatched roofs
“Thatched roof Eden” original art

A region of the fantasy realm of Exdourn where live mostly elves from the Old Elven Clans. They like building their houses with thatch roofs and they have preserved this tradition since thousands of years. Thatch Vicinity consists of couple of thousands houses spreaded on big mountain area in the Khachakataal Mountain – the biggest mountain in the 40 times bigger than Earth Exdourn fantasy realm. The Legends of Rakhadun (the only written legends from the Exdourn realm consisting of 77 tomes) tell a story that Thatch Vicinity is one of the oldest establishment of houses, forts and small towns and that it’s history goes some 75 thousands years in the past.

Balnik village

Cottage house balcony with wooden beams with a view towards a mountain landscape and another stone hut near a rocky hill
Balnik village art print

Balnik village is a travel hub for wanderers passing on the road from south to north on the West side of the Shaking Peak. Balnik has been village hub for many travelers from 600 years. Once it had been really big town,but in the last 200 years,since the Garog battle near Shaking peak, Balnik has remained just a small hub with couple of inns and houses. The legend says that on the rock seen on this ACEO (in perspective-near the road and little tower) once upon a time there was a dragon nest which was one of the many around The Shaking Peak.
Thats why on the main doors of the inns in Balnik it is written ‘Dragon shall save your nest’…

Cross-Norths Outpost

Cottage house from wooden beams, stones and stone tiles as a roof standing on a cliff near a mountain landscape with a seashore next to it
‘Cross-Norths outpost’ original art

Cross-Norths Outpost is located in the shores of The Eternal Ocean in the Realm of Exdourn. The Realm needs protection by the Dark lords and Dark Elementals who want to controll the continets in the realm but have never been able to controll most of the parts. Thanks to the Brotherhood between the Dawrves , the Humans, the Elfs and the Magic Elementals ( who are good in heart and intentions) the people and the lands of the Realm are protected in most of the parts.
Thousands of outposts guard the lands and many other cities and villages feel well under the protection of the Brotherhood. Cross-Norths outpost is a cosy cottage where sometimes magicians of the good races gather and decide how to save the day.

Madjegogg Volcano

Fantasy art illustration of a big village fort on a mountain slope and a huge volcano erupting in the distance
Madjegogg Volcano

 ''Madjegogg Volcano''- the volcano Madjegogg has erupted in the past couple of days.
Camp Anthulje has been evacuated because of the eruption. Half of the camp is with wooden and other half is with stone wall-the stone for the north and the wooden for the south side of the Camp- this was an ancient Magichaal tradition. Magichaals are Magician Elementals and in The Realm of Exdourn some of the magician Elementals are in alliance with the humans, who fight for the Light Lords.
Camp Anthulje and Madjegogg Volcano are parts of The Mountain Legeridge- 600 miles long mountain which stretches from north to south of The Realm of Exdourn. The Camp and the Volcano are located in the middle of the Mountain Legeridge near the desputed space between the mountain ridges Paraka Ridge and Mohaje Chain.
Camp Anthulje is one of the main human camps and from this camp the humans send help when needed to the Elves of the South. This camp is one of the main connections between elves from the south, humans in mid and dwarves from the north part of Mountain Legeridge.

Balkatraz Castle

Fantasy drawing art showing a mountain landscape and a castle near the seashore
‘Balkatraz Castle’ original art

‘Balkatraz Castle’ is one of the oldest castles in the realm of Exdourn.
This castle has been destroyed and rebuilt many times under the eyes of thousands of birds, which has witnessed endless battles for the regional elf citiy-cluster in the Legeridge Mountain.
The last rebuilt of Balkatraz Castle was 750 years ago, when elves , dwarves and humans won the battle with the Dark Band’uka fire Elemental.
The last time they rebuilt the castle the races decided to make it smaller, thus making more positive karma to the region and this way no more battles would occur nearby the beautiful and calm Balkatraz Castle area.

Bandur Castle

Fantasy art illustration showing a cliff with a pine tree and below you can see mountain landscape with a castle with towers, fields with crops and a tent camp near a river
Bandur Castle

 Bandur Castle of the Elf king Lokerath is the last standing castle on the most west part of Legeridge Mountain.
A place for mobilising of all Light Magicians of all of Exdourn Rearm when The Great Gathering made once in 1000 years.

This place was the last stop for a break of the messenger elf Nerith Marendel. He has stopped at this place to enjoy the beautiful view of the river in the valley and Bandur Castle across the valley.
Nerith Marendel, of the town of Sigith, has to cross the valley to go to Bandur Castle, to bring a very important message to the elf king Lokerath.
This is a message for a mobilising of all Light Magicians of all of Exdourn Rearm.
Message one, of hundreds to be delivered by hundreds of elves, dwarves, and humans messengers.
The Great Gathering made once in 1000 years is about to take place in Exdourn and all Light Forces must be notified.

Planet Exdourn from the Exdourn Stars system

The Realm of Exdourn


Planet Exdourn is the biggest habitable planet out of 17 in the star-planet system of Exdourn with the star Exeroth or Exerod as it was called in the Elder Language.

 The Realm of Exdourn is a planet floating around a star 600 times bigger than our Sun and Exdourn itself is 40 times bigger than Earth- but Exdourn is also the name of the whole star-planetary system of 17 planets floating around the star called Exeroth.

Gather Inn

a drawing of a wooden cottage house on a mountain range top with an off road and a lawn

'Gather Inn' is one of the very rare inns across the Legeridge Mountain, where only magicians can abide. Usually, no one is living constantly in the inn, but when some magicians desire to have a meeting they just go to one such inn and say a spell to open the energies of the house and to open the very door to the pub on the first floor.
On the second floor, there is a meeting room with some library shelves, tables and chairs and also lots of magical objects. On the roof part ( third floor) of this inn, there are two cosy rooms for the spellers where they take their time for sleep after a long drinking night in the pub or after an urgent magician meeting at the library floor.

Sentivaal guard post

A stone tower next to e wooden cottage on a sloppy mountain range end and a view behind

This is one of the post guards place of the City of Sentivaal . This city of humans and dwarves is on a rocky ridge of Legeridge Mountain in the ancient realm of Exdourn. Dwarves and humans, living in an alliance together, must guard their city against intruders, assailants, and mercenaries of the Dark Ones- those terrible elemental magicians from the dark side. They want to rule the whole realm of Exdourn for 45 thousand years but still can't rule the whole realm itself.
In the realm in such guard post houses live almost only elemental magicians called Magichaals who are of the Light forces. They are capable of seeing far beyond the human and dwarf eye and are able to sense bad energies from 100 miles and even more.


To be continue…