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Artist Hristo Hvoynev watching towards the camera and behind him are his shelves with crafts, maps, art prints

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me as an artist and craftsman and also my brand ExiArts from 2013 until this very day! Thank you for all the 2074 orders you made from ExiArts- more than 5200 single crafts, arts, prints and natural materials!

You might be interested to check the Testimonials of some of my customers from my ex Etsy shop. Many of them continue to support me here on my my website.

You can email me for questions at:


THANK YOU friends from all over the world! ❤❤

 My name is Hristo Hvoynev and I am a freelance artist and craftsman from Bulgaria.
I was born in a vivid mountain called the Rhodope in South Bulgaria, Europe.

Walking in mountains and exploring their paths and forests is fully inspiring. Nature and its marvels drive my whole being! Earth has always inspired my imagination and I had often found myself wandering in some fantasy world planet. This is also because I love fantasy arts and movies and all kinds of epic novels, stories, fairy tales, and science fiction also. Because fantasy lives in the realm of our imagination!

Somehow mountain environment heightens my adrenaline and makes me feel I am in a fairy fantasy tale! Voila! We suddenly live in the fantasy of our spirits! Isn’t it a divine driving force?

Workshop desk of a craftsman Hristo Hvoynev with handmade coffee papers and handmade journals on it together with instruments

 Somehow, in 2013 I discovered that I thrillingly enjoy creating something with my hands and especially paper, fabric, and natural material crafts. I love the sense of the paper and I also have always been keen on writing and, kind of sketching, on quality-made papers and card stocks.

I also started drawing on a magical February day in 2013, when some spirits inside me drove me to express with ink and pencils some visions from my head.

Later on, I wanted to make my own crafts that I wished to draw myself and to find better designs for the different products. I usually like to imagine exactly what is the final look of the item I want to craft according to my inner and outer inspiration throughout the day.

Many times, when I start creating in my artist day, I wish to make a product made of reclaimed natural materials like wood from fallen trees from the forest. Natural materials are always great and fun to craft with and I also explore all different materials-natural ones as well as quality paper and card stock supplies. I am into researching a lot more for crafting other things. I constantly challenge myself.

I imagine my website as a Raw Handmade Crafts and Art place for gifts and creations for my customers.

I make my crafts with passion and care of details and the quality of the handmade finished product. I am developing innovative designs with the materials I prefer to buy from craft stores. I am also introducing my own package wrapping for most of the crafts I create.

You can expect from me continuous, expanding, variety of arts and crafts, in some cases art embedded with/in crafts or creations enticed with arts.
You never know what can come up in my head.

I may very well, someday, make other future projects outside my crafting and drawing- inspired by nature, by my family and friends, and by all of my customers and supporters.

My Father Georgi Hvoynev helps develop ExiArts products.

My Father Georgi Hvoynev helps me sometimes with preparing materials for some crafts and most of all with sewing.

He has been working as a machine maintenance operator in a sewing company before and he learned there how to sew.

In his 30-s he was a guitarist in a band playing in restaurants all across Bulgaria. 

Once we crafted with him 100 burlap fabric cases for a wholesale order for the spa menus of Rockhouse Hotel Jamaica. Read below for more info on this part of ExiArts story.

The burlap cases above are some of the cases for the spa menus in Rockhouse Hotel Jamaica that me and my Father Georgi crafted back in 2015. Back then I we did not have our own website and we used to sell our crafts on Etsy.

For Wholesale inquiries please email us at:



Since December 2021 we are already a cooperative artisan and artist online store! Different artists and artisans are now members of our website and of our online shop.

1. We have a new Artisan member of our team- Simeona Savova-Korueva


 Simeona Savova-Korueva is a talanted lady from our town of Smolyan and she is the Principal of the local Arts high-school. She loves flowers, nature and colors and she represents her visions with paintings, painted boxes, bookmarks, cards and others.

Simeona Savova-Korueva is a talanted lady from our town of Smolyan and she is the Principal of the local Arts high-school. She loves flowers, nature and colors and she represents her visions with paintings, painted boxes, bookmarks, cards and others.

Simeona became a member of our online store on 18th of April 2022.


2. My friend- the freelance photographer Hristo Bakrachev is the second member of ExiArts online store.

My great friend Hristo Bakrachev who is a freelance photographer is the second artist member of our online store. Please read below his own presentation:

'My name is Hristo Bakrachev. I have a completely different education and I have never studied photography. I started shooting in 2018 when I took my first DSLR camera. Everything I know and do in photography I have learned from books and the Internet. Taking pictures inspires me, charges me and makes me feel amazing. Whenever I can and the conditions are good, I am somewhere outside with the camera in hand to capture the magic of nature in Bulgaria. I like to walk in the mountains in search of the interesting and unique. As a child, I was very impressed by the photos in National Geographic magazine and dreamed of making such shots. I've always wanted to be able to enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and shoot them like for a magazine. Another dream of mine was to capture the beauty of the night sky. The stars and planets have always attracted my curiosity.
I shoot with the Canon 6D Mark II, I have several lenses for it, but most often I use a wide-angle Canon 16-35 F2, 8L lens. I also have a DJI Mavic AIR II drone, with which I see the world from a different angle.'

Hristo Bakrachev


Hristo Bakrachev photographer next to his photo camera Canon in the mountains

Hristo Bakrachev- here he is photo shooting nature scenes in the mountains in Bulgaria.


Interesting milestones for ExiArts.

First Wholesale deal

Here I will also share with you some interesting events from ExiArts & EcoCrafts history.

Below you can see a picture where I wanted to say Thank you to Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica. In 2015 the managers of this hotel ordered from us 100 burlap fabric cases for their Spa menus in the Jamaican hotel.

This was our first wholesale order. We are honoured that they chose us for crafting their handmade spa menu burlap cases. Thank you Rockhouse Hotel!

You can find their website here:


Below you can see a picture I made back then that I posted on my Instagram profile.

Four images in one showing text about a wholesale deal to Rock House Hotel Jamaica and also a handmade case folder with fabric covers

Thank you so much Rockhouse Hotel!

Hristo and Georgi Hvoynev