We accept wholesale orders. We have experience with a couple of wholesale orders, and we have the capacity and the knowledge to execute wholesale orders.

Our wholesale prices are 50% of the retail prices you see on our website.

Minimum quantity of 50 pieces or minimum order value of $500.

If you have any Wholesale inquiries please contact us via Email at:


Our first Wholesale order from Rockhouse Hotel Jamaica

Below you can see a picture where I wanted to say Thank you to Rockhouse Hotel, Jamaica. In 2015 the managers of this hotel ordered from us 100 burlap fabric cases for their Spa menus in the Jamaican hotel.

This was our first wholesale order ever.

Below you can see a picture I made back then that I posted on my Instagram profile.

You can find their website here:


Four images in one showing text about a wholesale deal to Rock House Hotel Jamaica and also a handmade case folder with fabric covers

 Hristo Hvoynev