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Some of the 5-Star Reviews from more than 600 that I received from customers on Etsy and also some of the 5-Star reviews from this very website.

Client Testimonials

Artist Hristo Hvoynev watching towards the camera and behind him are his shelves with crafts, maps, art prints

Hello! I am Hristo....

My name is Hristo Hvoynev and I am an artist and an artisan from Bulgaria.

Walking in mountains and exploring it’s paths and forests is fully inspiring. Nature and it’s marvels drives my whole being! Earth has always inspired my imagination and I had oftenly found myself wandering in some fantasy world planet. This is also because I love fantasy arts and movies and all kinds of epic novels, stories, fairy tales and science fiction also. Because fantasy lives in the realm of our imagination!
Somehow mountain environment hightens my adrenaline and makes me feel I am in a fairy fantasy tale! Voila! I suddenly live in the fantasy of my spirit! Isn’t it a divine inspiring force?

Handmade hang tag with hand-written handmade word on it and surrounded by a pine branch, pine cone, stones and lichen

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Handmade hang tag with hand-written eco-friendly word on it and surrounded by a pine branch, pine cone, stones and lichen

In ExiArts we believe that handmade eco-friendly crafting is the path towards a cleaner and brighter future for Earth and Humanity!

Our mission is to help for planting trees across Bulgaria for a cleaner air, a cleaner planet, and a better future!

Our policy is to recycle, reuse and repurpose materials, packaging, and leftovers whenever possible.

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Discover the fantasy realm of Exdourn!

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Monthly Report for donating for trees for March 2024

by Hristo Hvoynev | 19 May, 2024

Monthly Report for February 2024- ExiArts donations for planting trees

by Hristo Hvoynev | 05 May, 2024