Monthly Report for February 2024- ExiArts donations for planting trees

Hristo Hvoynev | 05 May, 2024

            Monthly Report for February 2024- ExiArts donations for planting trees

Hello, Friends and Fellow ExiArts followers! ❤️❤️

 I have been missing from home for the last 15 days- I was working on a renovation of a house in another town- the town of Dospat which is about 80 kilometers away from my town Smolyan. Me and a friend of mine went to work there to earn some wages. We were sleeping in a hotel which the owner of the house paid for us. It was exhausting work but it was worth it- we also met other people there and we had amazing conversations with them and a lot of fun and jokes. :)))

Now I am back to my home ExiArts studio and I am writing this article for the donations for February 2024.  

Back in February 2024, I did not have enough money to make the donations as I had to pay some bills and I also had to buy food and paid some money to the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency. Every month I need to pay 150 euros to this agency for insurance for myself as a manager of my small firm. But in the last 3 years, I have not paid all the monthly payments and I had to make some payments urgently. 

But this month I will catch up with the donations for planting trees for the months of February, March, and April. 


Monthly Report for February 2024

 Back during that month ExiArts website had 2 orders- one big order for about 307 US dollars which was made by my friend and loyal supporter Lena from Austria and also a second order for 78 US dollars by Kimberly from the United States of America. Thank you so much ladies, for your orders and for supporting ExiArts, handmade and eco-friendly products! ❤️❤️

According to my Plant a tree campaign I donated 16 euros to the Bulgarian Foundation 77 ( ). For the order of $307 I had to donate for planting 30 trees and for the order of $78- 7 trees. As per the statement of Foundation 77 for every 0.40 euros donated to them, they plant one tree. 37 trees for 0.40 euros is 14.80 euros- I donated 16 euros as I also covered the PayPal tax for Foundation 77. Below you can ee the screenshot of my unique transaction of the donation for planting trees.

Donation of 16 euros for planting trees to the Foundation 77 in Bulgaria


 Here is also the screenshot of the number of orders on ExiArts website for February 2024:

Number of orders on ExiArts website for February 2024
Next picture shows the revenue of the 2 orders on my website:
Total revenue on ExiArts website for February 2024

Some changes to the way I write the Monthly Report

I would like to share with you that from now on I will not be posting other screenshots from the ExiArts website statistics like Online Store Sessions or Traffic by source as I would like to save time for more crafting, making more videos, and making more TikTok Live sessions.

As writing a Blog post with screenshots and explaining and editing them takes a lot of time and I would like to save more time for creating new crafts, and also showing you these statistics might not be so interesting to you too- and I guess you would like to see more videos with me crafting, from now on I will only show the number of orders and the revenue of ExiArts website for the needs of my Monthly Report for donations of tree- which is actually my main reason to write this report every month. For me, one of the most important aspects of ExiArts is that my brand has this Plant a tree campaign as I am an eco-friendly nut and I adore Nature.

Please comment on this Blog Post if you would like to see these statistics. Maybe some of you would still want to know more about them every month on the ExiArts website.

 I want to keep this tradition in my brand ExiArts to donate for planting trees from each order people make on the website I will keep you updated with a transparency report for the donations made for planting treesun the future.

What I am uper happy now is that in the last couple of day I am back home to Bulgaria and I am busy with crafting new journal and sketchbook and making some marketing. 
If you like to order crafts or arts from ExiArts I would like to remind you that you can personalize many of the crafts or you can choose a different print size from my Art Print collection and I can alo write some wishes if you will be giving a gift to someone. 

You can also request from me a custom craft or art and if you need to contact me please email me at:

I would like to finish with one amazing quote

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” Rabindranath Tagore

Thank you for reading my article! ❤️❤️

Hristo Hvoynev


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