Maps of Exdourn




Search through the ancient maps of different parts of the Realm of Exdourn fantasy world.

1. Linderyn Continent 

 Below you can see the map of Linderyn Continent from Planet Exdourn from the The Realm of Exdourn fantasy story.

Linderyn Continent is one of the 14 continents on Planet Exdourn. It is the smallest continent on the planet but is one of the most essential celestial bodies for the entire Universe.

On this continent there live seven of the giant magical Primal Trees.

The Enchanted Tree Ardemerth is the most gigantic Tree in the realm and It has been growing for more than 915 thousands years and that is is tall at least 729 kilometers ( 459 miles ).


Geographical map of the Linderyn Continent on the fantasy Realm of Exdourn

This is the hand-drawn map that I made with black ink pen to show the Linderyn Continent on Planet Exdourn



2. Unknown map

This map was discovered but no one from its researchers has ever succeeded to find out which planet from Exdourn Realm it is from but a story on a booklet was found together with the map so the story is:

What is known so far:

This part of the world was a peaceful realm where People and Creatures lived in harmony with Plants and Nature. But at some point in the past, the realm was slowly captured by the Master tribes who started cutting Trees, exploiting Earth and Mountains with brutal machines and they built the Protector Wall. The Master tribes limited the People and the Creatures from benefiting from the pleasures and fruits of the North and they also inforced the peaceful inhabitants of the realm to go further south.

What happened to this world later is unknown so far...

Hand-drawn pirate fantasy map of a part of a continent with forests, mountains, villages and different fortresses



3. A part of one of the  continents on Planet Exera from Exdourn Realm

This is a map that was researched and it iwas discovered that it shows the southern parts of one of the continents on planet Exera from Exdourn Realm. This planet is not yet very well researched. Ongoing investigations are done by hundreds of adventurers.


Hand-drawn pirate fantasy map on a brown vintage paper of a part of a continent with forests, mountains, villages and different fortresses



4. Planet Xzerod- A

Xzerod-A planet from the Realm of Exdourn fantasy story by Hristo Hvoynev from Bulgaria



Hristo Hvoynev