Lore of The Realm of Exdourn

Planet Exera from the Realm of Exdourn fantasy story by Hristo Hvoynev
The following story is a creation from my own imagination. It is a fantasy story like no other on the Planet!
Four fantasy art illustrations in a row from space planet and sun- mountain landscape to forest drawing and a cottage village
The Realm of Exdourn is one of the Worlds in an Elemental Universe where Creation has started the grandest of the experiments with Energy, Matter, and Spirit.
Thousands of Ages ago the Creator Himself breathed his Energy into the vastness of Space and then Exdourn as well as other Worlds began to form in the presence of Creator's Spirit. Spirit and Energy slowly ejected matter and the matter then started to form worlds for millions of years.
☀️ The Realm of Exdourn is a planet floating around a star that is 600 times bigger than our Sun and 🌏 Planet Exdourn itself is 40 times bigger than Earth- but Exdourn is also the name of the whole ☀️ star-planetary system of  🌏 17 planets floating around the star called ☀️ Exeroth ( originally in the Elder language- Exerod ).

The most gigantic tree is living in the Realm of Exdourn star system. It is called The Enchanted Tree 🌳 Ardemerth and it has been growing for more than 915 thousands years and that it is tall at least 729 kilometers ( 459 miles ). Such enormously gigantic trees are called Primal Trees. Ardemerth is growing in the Mountain Legeridge on the Linderyn Continent on Planet Exdourn

You can see some of my art drawings in  The Locations of Exdourn.

Planet Exdourn is one of the most important hubs of thousands of great Magicians, Titans and Elemental beings from The Light Forces of the Magichaals ( old name for Magician from the Elder Language ).
Most of the members of The Light Forces of the Magichaal
are magicians themselves and some of them even have Primal Powers that are gigantic in their capabilities and proportions.
Fantasy abstract illustration art showing a planet with one gigantic oak tree and a comet and a sun floating in space with stars around 
 In many many Ages billions of Etherial Worlds were born out of Energized Elementals- Fire, Rock, Air, Water,and Photon Light Spirits -Ayadroid Spirits and Kayadroid Spirits. All these forces of the Light were creating for millions of years.
                                                                           A quote from 'The Legends of Exdourn -The Drogarg- Realm'
( This Legend describes a Realm from around 1,3 billion years ago and what important part of all other Worlds this Realm is. The following is a short part of the book with legends that was found with a translated title”Exdourn -The Drogarg Realm” )

”……………….The Fire Maghicaal was shortly devoured by some of his magic flames around him and stood higher in the air with his majestic voice to the crowd:
– Deep inside all of us we feel something is coming to us and we are those to figure out what it is and what to do. We shall know and act and the hour will come upon us to be summoned by the Giant Drogarg.”
Space art illustration showing a planet with gigantic oak trees and it atmophere plus stars and a part of a sun shining towards the planet
-There has been discovered a terrible book!– the Maghicaal was now frowning even more.
-A book of revelations for a distant realm full of powers, elementals, energies, Spirits, Magicians, Soulwinds, Firesouls, Plazma entities, and Giants- terrible aliens of another world- and all kinds of unbelievable creatures never heard before in time.
The crowd started talking alоud and exclaiming in terror.
-Shuuut uup!- fire clouds burst over the Maghicaal while he pointed his hands towards the sky. Everyone suddenly went to silence.
-This Akashik book- continued the fire mag- describing Legends for a world called Exdourn Realm has been sought for billions of years by an ancient clan of evils, fears, and demons that wanted to obtain the Source of the Universe. I have been told 7300 years ago this book will someday be discovered and the day has come!
The crowd this time went to screaming and panicking, some folks ran away in different corners of the square. A short fire blast over the head of the mag was enough to silence the remained people then he continued.
-A great battle followed between this Evel Clan and a vast organisation of Spirits of pure light and matter and other creatures helping them.
Rumors about the Legend and some mysterious notes over the pages of the book speak for the terrible probability that the war between the Evil Clan and the Spirits of Light is ongoing and the consequences of this shall soon reach towards our own destiny.- the Maghicaal knew very well this book is in the hand of one of the greatest Maghicaals in Exdourn- his fellow brother Drogarg- the king of Earth. So far the book with solar system importance was in good hands…But..”
This Archive is being written by me, ExekrialThe Giant King, ruler of the planet Exzera in the year 2,744,142,579 of our planet’s life.
The Shaman Lords shall put this writing in the Akashik Records of Exera.
The story I describe was told to me by my Grand-Grandfather Dreogon who learned this from his Grandfather Drogarg.
Space art illustration showing a part of a planet and it atmophere plus stars and a part of a sun shining towards the planet
With this story, I want to make you believe and to assure you that Magic and Spirit exist and I like to invite you on a journey of changing the world and the way everything is experienced for the better future of our kind.

My most important message before I tell you this world-changing story is to take it easy and start being the change you want to see in the world.
Hold on to your seats as I will try to shake the imagination of every single one of you.
To be continued…
Hristo Hvoynev
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