Transparency Monthly Report of ExiArts website for January 2024- donation for planting trees and site traffic

Hristo Hvoynev | 09 February, 2024

            Transparency Monthly Report of ExiArts website for January 2024- donation for planting trees and site traffic

Hello, Folks,

Again it is me- Hristo here. 

As always I prepared today the ExiArts transparency Monthly Report where I share with you data from the website statistics and also I share what donation I have done thanks to your orders that you made on ExiArts Shop. For January 2024 the site had 1 sale for $70 and as per my rules Plant a tree campaign I had to donate for planting 7 trees. 

I want to say thank you to my online friend and a loyal customer Kym from the United States for her order of a Lavender Journal with 60 watercolor page sheets that are 250 grams per square meter thick which is 105 lbs. Thank you so much, Kym! 💓💓

I made a donation of 5.45 euros which is enough to plant 12 trees. Actually the 77 Foundation states on their website that for every about 0.40  euros they plant 1 tree. So 5 euros are enough for planting 12 trees and I also donated 0.45 euro cents to cover the fees by PayPal.

 Below is the screenshot of the donation I did with the unique transaction number. 

The donation for planting 15 trees for one sale that ExiArts website had in January 2024

Now let me show you some screenshots of ExiArts website Analytics statistics.

The first one is the number of orders that happened on January 2024. They were with 75% less compared to December 2023- back then ExiArts had 4 sales.

The website analytic showing the one sale we had on ExiArts website for January 2024

 Next one is the revenue stat which shows the $70 from Kym's order. Thanks to her I was able to donate for planting 12 trees. May you be blssed, Kym! 💓💓

Total of $70 was the revenue on xiArts website for January 2024

 One of the important stats on my website is the one for the traffic sessions by location where you can see below that most of the visitors on ExiArts website are people from the United States. I am happy and excited to see that there is an increase of 39% of visitors from US! Thank you so much, Folks! 💓💓

I want to also thank to all of you who come to my website from all around the world, Folks! Be blessed! 💓💓

We can see on the picture below that there is also an increase of 92% from visitors from the United Kingdom, thank you people! 💓💓


Website sessions by location on ExiArts website for January 2024
Another important statistic is the sessions by traffic source. It is a gorgeous news for my website that there is an increase of 22% of the visitors on it from Search results- this means that people are discovering ExiArts more and more through search engines like Google, Bing and others.
Sessions by traffic sourse on ExiArts website for January 2024
I think the growth is going to continue for ExiArts this year. Since I came back from the Netherlands I am now fully available to craft and draw and to serve your orders. I am pushing my marketing efforts to make more traffic and to reach much more orders per month in order to be full-time artist like I was between 2013 and 2020 when I was selling my crafts and arts on Etsy.  

Well, please remember and spread the word to your friends- if you make an order of any craft or art on our website you will help me donate for planting at least 3 trees. I have a decent selection of crafts and arts on my shop ( also some friends of mine sell their goodies here) :

If you need to ask me any questions you can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or you can email me at:

Thank you so much, Folks- for supporting ExiArts website and for supporting handmade and eco-friendly gifts and arts! 💓💓

And most imotantly- thank you for helping me donate forplanting trees! 💓💓

Hristo Hvoynev


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