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Fantasy art print castle landscape drawing 'Bandur Castle'


This is an art print of ACEO drawing made from my original drawing 'Bandur Castle'
This ACEO print is from the 'Ancient fantasy realm' series.
It is signed art for collectors who love the countryside, nature, fantasy and living a natural life.

I will sign and date the art print on its back. I will write my name and the title of the drawing also.

Your art will be printed on a photo archival paper with a texture like linen fabric texture. The paper is 250 gsm which is 8.6 oz per square meter. Your giclee print will be made with a laser printer from a high-resolution image of the original art that is made by Hristo Hvoynev- the founder of ExiArts.

The drawing print expresses the last stop for a break of the messenger elf Nerith Marendel. He has stopped at this place to enjoy the beautiful view of the river in the valley and Bandur Castle across the valley.
Nerith Marendel, of the town of Sigith, has to cross the valley to go to Bandur Castle, to bring a very important message to the elf king Lokerath.
This is a message for a mobilizing of all Light Magicians of all of Exzdourn Rearm.
Message one, of hundreds to be delivered by hundreds of elves, dwarves, and humans messengers.
The Great Gathering made once in 1000 years is about to take place in Exzdourn and all Light Forces must be notified.
It took about an hour and a half for drawing this landscape ACEO.

This print is a great inspirational poster for your home, office, hotel, or on your workplace. It will drive your inspiration to the max during the day and the night!

Your art will be printed by a professional giclee printer on best quality photo-matte archival cardstock -250gr/m2 which is 110 lbs. This cardstock will be with relief on it like a linen fabric- it is called ''Linen'' cardstock. this relief effect makes the print look vintage and as if it is made on canvas.

I  will sign and date your art print on its back. I will write my name and the name of the drawing.

 I will send you with this ACEO print a handmade certificate of authenticity made by myself where I will state it is printed especially for you and I will add their basic information of the media.
Your artwork will be wrapped and packaged safely and will be shipped with strong reused soft material and also a posting envelope.

The description of every my drawing from the series 'Ancient Fantasy World' and this drawing's description is part of my story for 'The Realm of Exzdourn' fantasy world.

The shipping packaging is made with the extra protection of bubble postal envelopes, reclaimed soft materials, and card boxes. We reclaim packaging materials from technology products unboxed from different local shops.

We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77. We will leave a monthly report for the donated money of a given Month in our blog section on the website.

Thank you for visiting our handmade shop!

Hristo Hvoynev