ExiArts handmade products are created with eco-friendly materials and also help to plant trees with each order you make!

In ExiArts & EcoCrafts I use exclusively Eco-friendly materials to create products with care to Nature and crafts that feel natural and at the same time we donate for planting at least three trees with every single order!
Since 2015 all my sketchbook, notebook and journal designs are crafted with papers that are 100% recycled. The fabrics I use for crafting like Linen Burlap and different Natural linens are locally produced in Bulgaria
I bind my blank books with Hemp cords and with Cotton threads. We do not use artificial threads or materials. 
We do not use animal leather or animal parts so our Eco-friendly products are also Vegan. If you see on some very few designs of mine that have leather strip used as a bookmark then please know that I do not use these since many years- those are jut the first design photographies I used for listing a product. I just use the picture of the book design I have crafted back in the past. Now I use only Twine cords , Hemp cord, Cotton cords, or Satin ribbons. No animal parts!!
I do not use regular wax for waxing my bookbinding threads and instead I use natural Soya wax.       
.🌳.🌲On the picture below: natural Hemp cords for bookbinding ExiArts' blank books.     
Eco-friendly Hemp cords for book binding ExiArts' handmade sketchbooks, journals and notebooks.
.                                                                                                                                 .                                                                                                  
.🌳.🌲. On next picture:  One of Hristo's handmade journal designs with coffee stained inside cover lining and with 100% recycled pages                                                                                                                                                                                
Hristo Hvoynev, 2023