ExiArts & EcoCrafts history


ExiArts was born as a company brand in my head while I started drawing and crafting back in 2013.I draw the logo myself by hand and used it for many years and later on me and a friend of mine- the photographer Hristo Bakrachev, remade the logo to a digitalized one and yet we saved it kind of artsy and not that digitalized.

ExiArts brand logo with a tree a planet and writing ExiArts

ExiArts was the short from Exit The Planet Arts- ETParts. Arts that make the mind to go beyond our own planet and see the bigger picture of the magnificence of our Universe. Arts that make you dive into a much vaster sphere or creation that some would think for magic or fantasy. 

ExiArts is out of this world art company with the mission to inspire deep outside and further away of our usual way of thinking.

ExiArts was created with the goal to spread awareness about Nature and our Planet Earth.

 Hristo Hvoynev