Freelance photographer Hristo Bakrachev- a member of ExiArts


 Hristo Bakrachev photographer next to his photo camera Canon in the mountains

My friend- the freelance photographer Hristo Bakrachev is the second member of ExiArts online store.

My great friend Hristo Bakrachev who is a freelance photographer is the second artist member of our online store. You can find his amazing nature photography wall prints in our Nature Photography Prints shop collection.

Please read below his own presentation:

'My name is Hristo Bakrachev. I have a completely different education and I have never studied photography. I started shooting in 2018 when I took my first DSLR camera. Everything I know and do in photography I have learned from books and the Internet. Taking pictures inspires me, charges me and makes me feel amazing. Whenever I can and the conditions are good, I am somewhere outside with the camera in hand to capture the magic of nature in Bulgaria. I like to walk in the mountains in search of the interesting and unique. As a child, I was very impressed by the photos in National Geographic magazine and dreamed of making such shots. I've always wanted to be able to enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets and shoot them like for a magazine. Another dream of mine was to capture the beauty of the night sky. The stars and planets have always attracted my curiosity.
I shoot with the Canon 6D Mark II, I have several lenses for it, but most often I use a wide-angle Canon 16-35 F2, 8L lens. I also have a DJI Mavic AIR II drone, with which I see the world from a different angle.

Hristo Bakrachev



Hristo Hvoynev