Thatch Vicinity

Illustration of a cottage village with a landscape of a mountain and trees around the houses with thatched roofs
“Thatched roof Eden” original art
A region of the fantasy realm of Exdourn where live mostly elves from the Old Elven Clans. They like building their houses with thatch roofs and they have preserved this tradition since thousands of years. Thatch Vicinity consists of couple of thousands houses spreaded on big mountain area in the mountain Khachakataal – the biggest mountain in the 40 times bigger than Earth Exdourn fantasy realm. The legends of Rakhadun (the only written legends from the Exdourn realm consisting of 77 tomes) tell a story that Thatch Vicinity is one of the oldest establishment of houses, forts and small towns and that it’s history goes some 75 thousands years in the past.