Artisan Sabrina Gluhova- а member of our Handmade website


Sabrina Gluhova- an artisan member of our handmade shop

Since the 20th of December 2021,  Sabrina Gluhova is a member of our handmade website shop! We are honoured to offer her products on ExiArts.

Sabrina is the girl that creates all the decoupage boxes that you can find on our collection Wooden Boxes. 

Below you can read Sabrina's own presentation 

'Hello, folks, my name is Sabrina Gluhova and I am from Bulgaria. Although I have economic education creativity and crafting have always found their place in my life. I make decoupages, I draw with henna and sometimes I create other crafts or arts too. I love to create beauty with my own hands. I started decoupage 5 years ago and at the beginning I did it as a hobby for myself and for friends or family members for gift giving to different people. One of my favorite aspects of decoupage crafting is to try to guess for a given person what is his or her character and to make the craft according to the character of the person.

What I like in decoupage of boxes and other crafts is that not only I have a field to express my creativity and ideas but also that decoupages make practical products much more beautiful. I love to mix and to play with different colors and my favorite styles are Vintage and Shabby Chic.

Making decoupage boxes inspires me and I do it with my heart and I hope that my crafts will touch your hearts too!

Sabrina Gluhova

20 December 2021'


Hristo Hvoynev