Monthly Report

Hello, Friends!

It is Hristo Hvoynev writing- the founder of ExiArts. 

Monthly Report is our Blog section where I will write a Blog report every month in which I will state different facts from ExiArts. ExiArts is a transperent and responsible company and I would like to share the following fact every month:

1. What numbers of orders were made on the website.

2. How many trees you have planted trough making an order. With each order you make you will plant one tree! We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77. We will leave a monthly report for the donated money of a given Month in our blog section in the website. Order for $200 or more and plant 5 trees. Purchase more than $500 in goods to plant a record 20 trees!

3. What was the revenue made from your orders on the website.