The Realm of Exdourn

Four fantasy art illustrations in a row from space planet and sun- mountain landscape to forest drawing and a cottage village
The Realm of Exdourn is the place where I will add arts and information from the story of my Fantasy world I have called Exdourn. Ever since I have started drawing arts with inks and colored pencils I create parts of a Fantasy realm from my imagination. I am a great fan of Fantasy and I would love to share with you the story of my Magic world!

The Realm of Exdourn is one of the Worlds in an Elemental Universe where Creation has started the grandest of the experiments with Energy, Matter, and Spirit.
Thousands of Ages ago the Creator Himself breathed his Energy into the vastness of Space and Exdourn and other Worlds began to form in the presence of Creator's Spirit. Spirit and Energy slowly ejected matter via the Vortex Blasting Explosions..
In many many Ages billions of Etherial Worlds were born out of Energized Elementals- Fire, Rock, Air, Water, and Photon Light Spirits -Ayadroid Spirits and Kayadroid Spirits. All these forces of the Light were creating for millions of years. Exdourn and its life forms were formed in its current state about 250 thousand years ago.
The Realm of Exdourn is a planet floating around a star 600 times bigger than our sun and Exdourn itself is 40 times bigger than Earth- but Exdourn is also the name of the whole planetary system of 17 planets floating around the star called Exeroth.

Space art illustration showing a planet with gigantic oak trees and it atmophere plus stars and a part of a sun shining towards the planet

I am honored to release some of the first sneak peeks of my being written story of an epic world that once existed in our universe.
With this story, I want to make you believe and to assure you that Magic and Spirit exist and I like to invite you on a journey of changing the world and the way everything is experienced for the better future of our kind.

My most important message before I tell you this world-changing story is to take it easy and start being the change you want to see in the world.
Hold on to your seats as I will try to shake the imagination of every single one of you.
Fantasy abstract illustration art showing a planet with one gigantic oak tree and a comet and a sun floating in space with stars around
The art above is showing planet Exera from the Exdourn star system. The most gigantic tree in the Universe has been growing there for more than 914 000 years.

Hristo Hvoynev

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