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ACEO Original art illustration- ink and color pencil drawing "Tangech Main Gate"- Fantasy series- 2.5"x3.5"- signed by author Hristo Hvoynev

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This is the original ACEO ink and pencils drawing from my fantasy series.

* Materials: ink and color pencils, fine art painting cardstock-250 gr/m2.
* ACEO drawing is 2,5" x 3,5" inches.

This new ACEO is from the series 'Ancient fantasy world'.
The name of the drawing is "Tangech Main Gate".
The drawing expresses the main gate of the town of Tangech in the fantasy realm of Exzdourn.
Tangech is in the north part of Legeridge mountain and is a town of dwarves and some humans.
The town is isolated in a part of the mountain that is very hard reachable and only one narrow road passage leads to it.
In times of battle, this establishment has been an important supply link with the most northern camps of dwarves, humans, and elves.
In the last 50 years, Tangech has seen only trade deals, many drunk dwarves and humans, and a lot of supply traders trying to reach the far northeast hubs for trade.

Comes with a handmade certificate of authenticity made by myself.:)

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Comes with a handmade certificate of authenticity made by myself.

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