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Unfinished wooden jewelry box with a mirror

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This is a wooden jewelry or makeup box with a mirror on the inside of the cap closing.
The craft which is made of pine wood has metal hinges and closes with bronze color that may display various things like jewelry or make-up trinkets. The box has 9 compartments which are made on 2 levels. The upper level with 5 compartments can be taken out of the box so that you can see and use the bottom part with the other 4 compartments. The cap of the craft has a metal clasp for closing the keepsake. This craft is light and strong, made with eco-friendly glue and pine wood.

Make sure that the measurements of the single compartments are big enough to store your things. Please note below the size of the box:

Height: 2.8'' ( 7.3 cm )
Length: 5.9'' ( 15 cm )
Width: 4.7'' ( 12 cm )
The keepsake has 2 different sizes of the 9 compartments:
4 ( the bigger ones at the bottom) of the compartments are with the size of 1.9'' wide x 2.5'' long x 1.2'' high ( 5 x 6.5 x 3 cm. )
Smaller compartments size on the upper level: 1.8'' x 1.8'' x 1'' high ( 4.5 x 4.5 cm. )
Another rectangular compartment on the upper level- size: 3.7'' x 1'' x 1'' ( 9.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm. )
Material: pine wood and metal, eco-friendly glue, and a mirror

The surface of the box is smooth and it has 9 compartments altogether to store your jewelry, small parts, and anything you would love to display.

The bottom is made of plywood that is 1/10th of an inch thick ( 3 mm ) and is strongly attached to the box body.
You will receive this box as you see it without any finish- plain pine wood, glass, and metal plus a mirror inside.

Please note- double-check if the measures of a single compartment are the right measure for storing your future keepsake objects. The measures may not be compatible so please make sure before you purchase this box that it will be the right product for your needs.

The shipping packaging is made with the extra protection of bubble postal envelopes, reclaimed soft materials, and card boxes. We reclaim packaging materials from technology products unboxed from different local shops.

We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77. We will leave a monthly report for the donated money of a given Month in our blog section on the website.

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Hristo Hvoynev