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Driftwood tree trunk pieces- set of 5 unique wood piece -old tree trunks

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These are 5 naturally formed driftwood with a unique surface formed in a forest in the Rhodopes Mountain in Southern Europe- country Bulgaria. This piece of wood has been formed for many years and time has exposed the inner parts of the old tree trunks. These pieces are parts of the sides of different tree trunks. They are useful for crafting fairy houses and for decorating terrariums and vivariums. Of course they can be used in many other projects.

Sizes: Biggest one- about 10'' x 9'' ( 25 x 23 cm.  ) Smallest one- about 5'' x 6'' ( 13 x 15 cm. )

Thiese pieces of wood are perfect for art crafting. 

You can put it on the floor corners in any room or decorate your yard with it. Put it on your shelf or on your deck to remind you of nature.
They have been formed in many years and time has exposed the inner parts of the old tree- they are absolutely One-Of-A-Kind in the whole World!

I love gathering these nature ''specimens'' as I call them. They may be pieces of deadwood, but sometimes with live moss on them- these woods have their own Spirit- as if they are living creatures with a Soul. When fiding such amazing driftwoods I experience uppermost excitement and Soul lifting- my energy and vibration rise like a couple of times right away! Observing and holding such unique pieces of dry woods- with their imperfections and one-of-a-kind ramifications and cracks is unforgettable and uplifting...

This unique driftwood piece can be used as decorative wood or in crafting your wooden decors like frames, driftwood candle holders, art crafts, and others. Or you can use it to decorate your shelves and desks for daydreaming and making of nature interiors.

The driftwood log is cleaned and dried and I will pack it carefully with reclaimed clean materials and a card box so that it will reach your destination in perfect condition.

We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77. We will leave a monthly report for the donated money of a given Month in our blog section on the website.

Thank you for visiting our handmade shop!

Hristo Hvoynev