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Original fantasy art ACEO drawing of a fantasy world fort camp- 'Monithaal encampment- Fantasy world series- signed by Hristo Hvoynev

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This is an original ACEO card drawing of a fort camp residing in the mountain Legeridge.
This ACEO is one of a kind and it is from my fantasy series. I named it "Monithaal encampment".

Materials: fine tipped ink pencil and color pancils.Paper-professional thick painting paper-250 gr/m2
2,5" x 3,5".

This fort camp expressed on the drawing is called Monithaal encampment.
Around 2300 years ago a female magician called Monitha Enadoruth decided to build her own camp where, together with her crew of 12 magicians, they built a fort to protect some of the western parts of the mountain Legeridge. Since then this camp fort has seen many battles between The Dark Lords and their elementals and The Magichaal sorcerers but the camp has always been rebuilt and has preserved its status of the main fort for protecting the west parts of the mountain Legeridge.

The description of every my drawing from the series 'Ancient Fantasy World' and this drawing's description is part of my story for 'The Realm of Exzdourn' fantasy world.

Comes with a handmade certificate of authenticity made by myself.

The shipping packaging is made with the extra protection of bubble postal envelopes, reclaimed soft materials, and card boxes. We reclaim packaging materials from technology products unboxed from different local shops.

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Hristo Hvoynev