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Landscape art print, wall art decor archival print for your wall or deck "Upper Lake Inn" from Fantasy world series, signed and dated

This is a landscape illustration art print of my original fantasy drawing "Upper Lake Inn".

This art is printed by a professional giclee printer on the best quality matte photo archival paper- 250 gr./m2.
I have written the name of the drawing at the back of the print, I have dated it, signed it, and written my name. Copyrights text won't appear on the print when receiving your item.

Comes with a handmade certificate of authenticity by the author Hristo Hvoynev.

Custom print sizes are available - please message me if you need a custom size.

If you want your art print to be framed with my birch bark frames, please message me and I will make a custom listing for you. 

This is the second drawing of the series "Ancient fantasy world"- a set of drawings expressing a world lost in very ancient times-a world that is only mentioned in the legends of Rakhadun. On my profile page and on my shop page I have promised to release a set of drawings that would be about a fantasy world rooted in my consciousness.
This illustration is called "Upper Lake Inn".This house is the Inn of the dwarf Bragoth, who greets his guests with his aykol (ancient dwarfs have called that the beer they were making) and serves them hot steaks, cheese, salads, and fresh fish from the lake roasted on the cozy inn fire.
Upper Lake Inn is located on a hollow and wide peak next to the highest lake of all in The Mountain Legeridge(check in my shop the listing of the drawing "Dangerous pass" for that mountain and more ).
That peak is called Northern Hollow Peak and the lake is called High Lake. They are almost the most northern parts of The Mountain Legeridge, whose mountain ridges go from north to south for about 600 miles. The town Sigith(also check my shop for the drawing "Dangerous pass") is located far south of Upper Lake Inn also in The mountain Legeridge and when elves from Sigith go north for summer hunting or guarding of their northeast posts they often go to see the dwarf Bragoth in his Inn and have a great meal and conversation with him drinking Bragoth's aykol.

Comes with a handmade certificate of authenticity made by myself.

The shipping packaging is made with the extra protection of bubble postal envelopes, reclaimed soft materials, and card boxes. We reclaim packaging materials from technology products unboxed from different local shops.

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Hristo Hvoynev