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Mini painting artwork for dollhouse or for miniature collectors- Miniature art framed with real pinewood- handmade miniature dollhouse accessory


This is a miniature art framed with real pinewood that can decorate your dollhouse projects or your architectural models. If you know a passionate collector of miniatures you can make him or her a gift with one tiny framed art from an independent artist.

1/12th scale.

Size: 2.2'' x 3''- 6.8 x 9 cm.

Thickness: 0.2'' which is 0.5 cm.

 I have used a small print from the file of my original drawing to handcraft this mini artwork. I used miniature lumber pinewood boards to frame it and as a base of the mini, I have used very thick and strong crafting cardboard. I use eco-friendly glue for the crafting process.

The name of the original drawing from which I have made the tiny print is 'Exerod' I drew the original drawing back in 2015. I hope that this art will inspire you in your daily life. 

The Realm of Exdourn is a planet floating around a star 600 times bigger than our sun and Exdourn itself is 40 times bigger than Earth- but Exdourn is also the name of the whole planetary system of 17 planets floating around the star called Exerod or also called Exeroth.

The Realm of Exdourn is one of the Worlds in an Elemental Universe where Creation has started the grandest of the experiments with Energy, Matter, and Spirit.

Thousands of Ages ago the Creator Himself breathed his Energy into the vastness of Space and Exdourn and other Worlds began to form in the presence of Creator's Spirit. Spirit and Energy slowly ejected matter via the Vortex Blasting Explosions.

In many many Ages billions of Etherial Worlds were born out of Energized Elementals- Fire, Rock, Air, Water, and Photon Light Spirits -Ayadroid Spirits and Kayadroid Spirits. All these forces of the Light were creating for millions of years. Exdourn and its life forms were formed in its current state about 250 thousand years ago.

I have signed and dated the mini framed art on its back. I have written my name and the name of the drawing also.

The shipping packaging is made with the extra protection of bubble postal envelopes, reclaimed soft materials, and card boxes. We reclaim packaging materials from technology products unboxed from different local shops.

We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77. We will leave a monthly report for the donated money of a given Month in our blog section on the website.

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Hristo Hvoynev