Welcome to our new website- a realm on a fantasy level!

Hristo Hvoynev | 26 April, 2021 | 2 Comments

            One the first mini journal designs I crafted when I created ExiArts back in 2013. A journal for people who love nature and camping.

Hello, Friends of ExiArts!

Welcome to our new place for all of our crafts, arts, and natural materials!

I am honored to finally announce that from now long ExiArts will have its own nest where you will be able to read content, follow our blog, shop our products, and communicate with ExiArts Team and with me- Hristo Hvoynev- in one single place.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me as an artist and craftsman and also my brand ExiArts from 2013 until this very day! Thank you for all the 2074 orders you made from ExiArts- more than 5200 single crafts, arts, prints and natural materials!

THANK YOU friends from all over the world!

I hope you will like the website, of course, it is the first time I am building a website from scratch with a friend of mine- Kiril Petrov who helps me make it and maintain it. Thank you my dear friend Kiril!

I want to also say thank you to my great friend and Godmother- Isabelle Monge from France- she has helped me for years with encouragement with big orders she made in my Etsy shop and with huge boxes with gifts, that she sends to me and my family from time to time!  She is also the greatest fan of my art drawings! I couldn't have drawn so many arts without her encouragement!

Thank you Diane Rosa- a great online friend of mine and the second best fan of my arts and crafts! Thank you for your encouragement and many orders placed in my shop and for the gifts you also sent to me!

I am sure that to many of you some things might be not that good looking or working perfectly at the very beginning of our web pages.

This is why I would like to ask you for your help. We would appreciate any of your help with any feedback for the website.

Please use the chat feature on the website or message us your feedback through the Contact form from the navigation menu or at the bottom of the Home page. You can also leave a comment under this blog post!

Or send us an email at:


Yes, this is our new official Email address! I am super excited about everything about this website opening!

Everyone who sends their feedback to this blog post comments section, to our Email, Contact Form, or Live Chat will receive a special coupon code for 25% OFF!

 We can be like a family with you here and the website will be our house just like the house on the art above.

You can help us make this place better for you and for us.

If anyone of you has any questions or would like to talk to me- Hristo- I would love to say that I can't wait for you to contact me and have a chat with me!
Like back in the day when I was selling on Etsy I have had amazing conversations with most of my fans and customers.

If someone of you is curious about other things connected to this blog post or me and ExiArts please also leave a comment under this post.

I hope that you will like the website and that you will be in my opinion that this website is something special for ExiArts and that together we can make it even more special!

Hristo Hvoynev


Comments (2 Responses)

06 May, 2021

Lena Koppensteiner

You have done great work, the website looks amazing! I am looking forward to chat and support you here and to all the art & crafting projects you are going to do!!
Many Blessings

29 April, 2021

Kiril Petrov

I am very delighted to be part of this project. Good luck ahead Hristo!
All the best!

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