ExiArts Monthly Report for donations for trees from orders on our website for August 2023

Hristo Hvoynev | 06 November, 2023

            ExiArts Monthly Report for donations for trees from orders on our website for August 2023

Hello fellow fans and art and craft wanderers from the Internet,

My name is Hristo Hvoynev and I am an artist and an artisan from Bulgaria and this is my website where I and some friends of mine are offering our creations for sale worldwide.

 With each order you make on ExiArts website you will help to plant trees!

1. Order for up to $50 we will donate for planting 3 trees.

2. Order for $51 to $99 and we will donate for planting 7 trees!

3. Order from $100 up to $199 and we will donate for planting 14 trees!

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If anyone makes a bigger purchase we will plant even more trees and share it on our Blog. I write a Monthly Report for the donated money.

So here is my report for August 2023. I am late with it as the recent months I work in the Netherlands and my daily job is taking a lot of my time, and I also ometimes lose determination for my website as it does not make much sales yet.

In August this year ExiArts website had 631 sessions which means thet about 600 people have visited the website for one or more times. I want to thank to all of you who visit ExiArts and for giving your support!

Online store sessions for August 2023 on ExiArts website
ExiArts had 2 sales in August but one of them got canceled a the customer refued the order some hour later. So we remained with 1 order for $20 which means that this customer helped us donate for planting 3 trees as per the rules of the Plant a tree campaign .
ExiArts website had 2 sales in August 2023
One sale for $20 on ExiArt website on August 2023
And as it is a tradition in ExiArts brand to donate for at least 15 trees every month ( in the cases when we have less orders ) I made a donation of 5.45 Euros to the Foundation 77 - Gorata.bg . They plant 15 trees for 5 euro and I paid the fees for PayPal of 0.45 euros too.
The screenshot of the donation of 5.45 euro for planting 15 trees to the Foundation 77
Thank you once again for your support for Handmade and for Eco-friendly products and to ExiArts! 
If you are a fan of arts and crafts maybe you might check our Shop where you might like something and might want to make an order and thus also support our Plant a Tree Campaign.
Thank you,people, I love you all!
Hristo Hvoynev


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