Monthly Report- transparency report for our website for the Month of October 2021.

Hristo Hvoynev | 09 November, 2021

            Monthly Report- transparency report for our website for the Month of October 2021.

Hello Customers, Fans and Friends of ExiArts!

It is time once again for me to write the Monthly Report - this time for October 2021. As always in the Monthly Report section of our Blog I will share with you data from the website sales and views and also how much are the donations for our Plant a tree campaign that we did in the given month.

As it was in August- we had only one sale in October. The website is relatively new yet- we opened it on 29th of April 2021. 

Sales in October on ExiArts website

As I stated in my September Monthly Report- I made it a tradition to donate at least 5 Euros for planting trees every month- EVEN when we do not have any sales on the website. For each order you make on ExiArts you donate for planting at least one tree as per the following statement from our Plant a Tree Campaign:

'With each order you make on ExiArts website you will help to plant at least one tree! We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77


If your place an order for $100 or more you will help us to donate money for planting 5 trees to the Foundation 77. If you purchase more than $200 in goodies you will help us to donate money to plant a record 10 trees! Order crafts or arts for more than $400 and we will donate to plant 20 trees!'

We donated 5 Euros for planting 15 trees

So once again I donated 5 Euros to the Foundation 77 which is enough to plant 15 trees! Below you can see the transaction number and the screenshot of the donation I did Today.

Donation of 5 Euros to the Foundation 77 for planting trees across Bulgaria
Our website had one sale that was made by my loyal customer Melinda from The United States of America. She is one of my first customers ever- her first order was in 2013- exactly when I started selling my arts and crafts online for the first time ever! I would like to say HUGE THANK YOU, Melinda! 

Increased views in October

The website has increased views with 12% for October compared to November which gives me hope and encouragement that I will not quit this operation! As a new website ExiArts is just starting its first steps in the worldwide Internet. :)
Online store sessions on ExiArts website for October 2021


The ExiArts views by locations for October 2021:

 Online store sessions by locations for ExiArts website for October 2021

The picture below shows the online store sessions by social source.

 Online store sessions by locations on ExiArts website for October 2021

We will keep going and I would like to share that Black Friday is coming soon and we will have discounts for many of our products with up to 50% OFF!

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Please keep following our Blog for the next Monthly Report in December- the November Monthly Report.

If you would like to support our donating campaign

for planting trees please browse our products and you might want to make an order from which we will donate for planting at least one tree:

Please feel free to ask me any questions and you can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or also you can email me at:

Thank you for reading my blog and for supporting ExiArts handmade and eco-friendly home business!

Hristo Hvoynev


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