Crafting handmade inspires me- I want to inspire you to craft too!

Hristo Hvoynev | 21 September, 2021

            Crafting handmade inspires me- I want to inspire you to craft too!

Hello ExiArts fans and customers,

I would love to share Today with you some of my crafting pictures from the past 7 years.
In my development as a craftsman and an artist I have e preferred techniques and ways for creating new designs of journals, sketchbooks and other paper crafts.

These art frames are made with different materials but with a same technique. The hand written tags I make regularly for some of our customers.

For art frames I am keen on forest materials like birch bark. I also re-use some old jeans- cutting some peaces from the jeans and gluing them to the base of the frame which is very strong card board made for strong crafting. These card boards I use are recycled and eco-friendly. No trees were cut to produce these.

I also use this boards for a base for all of my hard-covered journals and sketchbooks.
100% recycled card board that is 2 mm thick, also some metal ring binders for albums and sketchbooks together with one of my favourite tools- eyelet installing tool!
On the picture below you can see some sketchbooks crafted with natural linen fabric hardcovers and some map print, metal ring bound journal, paper and bubble envelopes and wrapping materials.
A square journal with 200 recycled page sheets, natural linen fabric hardcovers, world map print and a bookmark with a skeleton key. Bound with 100% cotton cords.
Sewing this two-colour cord binding Coptic journal. Coptic binding was invented by the ancient Chinese and later on in the mid centuries was commonly used for binding books, religious books and other literature.
Jeans hardcover prepared for binding with 100% recycled sheets.
Hand-coloured with home made coffee card stocks and hand cuts for hang tags, some of them I had already hand wrote them with inks and colour pencils.
In my crafting experience I love to experiment different kinds of techniques like colouring my page sheets with home made coffee.
For bookbinding I also use at least 3 ways for binding one of which is with ring binders for album making. One of my favourite journals is with Coptic binding. I also use the Long Stitch binding and the Japanese stab binding.
If you are interested in more about how I craft and what I craft you can comment this post and we can have a chat here.
Thank you for visiting my website and for reading the article!
Hristo Hvoynev

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