Nature, Planet, Life

Hristo Hvoynev | 12 October, 2021 | 1 Comment

            Nature, Planet, Life

Are not these words the base of everything we need to survive?
We want to be positive in ExiArts so we want to emphasize this in our blog shares with you.

Our Planet needs Nature to support Life. Life is the real Nature of our Planet. Nature is actually Life's Planet...


This sounds so poetic kind of..

And yet when we observe our very reality next to our kitchen, or a garden, or to the next street...
What we may observe there and if we strive to analyze our behavior we may find we are one in a mess of dirty things that has bound our hearts and souls in a negative and poluting energiy around us. What we strive for now is what we will walk in next. 

Using recycled, reusing, recycling, ecofriendly, handmade, reclaimed, restored, upcycled green, sun energy, water energy, wind energy...There is abundance of energy around. We can choose actually amongst many billions of kinds of energies- either positive or negative.

We in ExiArts suggest that we all start using only those energies that are positive and sustainable and life supportive.

We will work in ExiArts to recycle and reuse, as we have always done, using ecofriendly and organic and natural materials, as we have always done.

Team of ExiArts

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15 November, 2021


Really beautifully said…. what a wonderful blog post! It is kind of poetic when you think about it…like the universe orchestrates everything living on this planet and beyond…

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