In Handmade we trust!

Hristo Hvoynev | 12 October, 2021

            In Handmade we trust!

Handmade creations are a certain tradition on our Planet since many senturies and eras and they continue to play a huge role in our daily lives till this very day.
In the mids of the crisis of our Planet due to the economy we have lately trusted in ( the ever worsening global polution economy) we have started realizing that if we do not start supporting the good and environmentally friendly business and consumer practices now, we may very well live in a totally destroyed world in some more years.

That is why we in ExiArts trust handmade economy only and forever. We are sure that handmade economy, environmentally friendly practices, ecological technologies plus old crafting techniques are the key to good planning, strategy, tactics and balance in our handmade business.

We will continue researching every possible ecological and clean material on the planet and locally in our town of Smolyan, Bulgaria, where we are located now with ExiArts team. We will implement new handmade and ecological techniques and materials in our products and we will keep the quality of the products high at the same time.

Did you know ExiArts uses only 100% recycled paper sheets for crafting the handmade journals, sketchbooks, notebooks and stationary gifts.
We will do so forever.

If we have your support we would be able to invest more in ecological economy and grow ExiArts in balance with our sustainable cause for handmade crafting and clean and organic production process.

We are ExiArts and We love to make Magic!

We would like to say that we greatly appreciate your support and your willingness to help our cause for new ecofriendly economy on the Planet.

Thank you all for being here, now and with us!

Hristo Hvoynev and Georgi Hvoynev

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