My great friend Jeanette Lee from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, owner of 'MountainsToSeaPhotos' shop on Etsy is my Blog guest in December!

Hristo Hvoynev | 21 December, 2021 | 1 Comment

            My great friend Jeanette Lee from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, owner of 'MountainsToSeaPhotos' shop on Etsy is my Blog guest in December!

 Image source   One of the photos taken by Jeanette's camera in the Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on the Maine coast ( above ).


I wanted long ago to start having guests on my Blog- people who I know online and we have become friends with, some of them are my mentors, others feel me as a mentor for them. And these people will now often be in my blog as guests because I feel them close and they all have helped develop ExIArts somehow and have been extremely important in my Spiritual inspiration and uplifting.

How we met with Jeanette

Jeanette Lee is a freelance photographer and a handmade business owner from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania and she is one of my best online friends now. She has an Etsy shop- 'MountainsToSeaPhotos' where she offers her Landscape & Nature Photos, Blank Notecards and Jewelry.

She also creates handmade jewelry and is keen on crystals and jewel stones. She is also a customer of mine and she has ordered crafts and arts from me.

Maine print 5x7 aerial photo, New England coastal decor, fine art print conversation starter, small wall art lighthouse photo, dresser decor

'In this Maine print, the historic lighthouse on Seguin Island on the New England coast competes for attention with the rock cliffs, lush green plants and blue water of the Atlantic Ocean lapping at its dramatic shoreline.'

I met Jeanette Lee about 8 years ago on Etsy. She had recently opened her store on Etsy for handmade cards with her printed photography, as well for printed nature photos from the different seasons. She encouraged me greatly when she said that my arts and crafts are unique and beautiful and I was also excited  to know she feels inspired my my works. We started to give advises to each other for selling on Etsy and for crafting and customer service and such. In time we became great friends. We also had other things in common- astrology, spirituality and inspirational themes. We often chatted on Messenger in late nights talking about many topics in life and in spirituality. This way we helped to inspire each other and to remind each other important aspects of life and we were keeping our souls uplifted and inspired with our chats.I will never forget how many times Jeanette has increased my encouragement in moments when I was feeling discouraged and sad! Thank you for being such a great friend, Jeanette!

Jeanette's story of her home business and of our friendship

'I started my shop on, Mountains To Sea Photos, in 2013 to showcase my photography and that of my partner, Brian. Our favourite photography subjects are landscapes, flowers and wildlife. I am proud to say that my shop currently has almost 300 listings and has had 213 sales, with hopefully many more to come! I take great pride in my photography. Except for the occasional brightening of a dark photo, I do not enhance my photos in any way. The beautiful photo you receive is what I saw through my camera lens. I love sharing the story behind each photo. And as a proud Etsy shop owner, I enjoy interacting with people from around the world and learning what led them to favourite my shop and purchase our photography. I strive to provide excellent customer service to the new owners of our photo prints, blank note cards, bookmarks and pendant necklaces, all made using our own photography. I have recently started to make and list crystal healing jewelry, which is a longtime passion of mine. I am happy to pass along what I have learned about the beautiful stones I have come to love! My relationship with Hristo started shortly after I opened my Etsy shop 8 years ago. Since that time, we have become great friends and I consider him to be a mentor to me on my online sales journey. I have reached over 200 sales in large part due to his support, extensive marketing knowledge and constant, genuine encouragement. I feel blessed to have come to know him so well and I strive to attain the level of customer service that he offers the buyers of his beautiful original artwork and eco-friendly crafts, customizable journals and miniatures. ExiArts is a unique shopping experience and I would encourage everyone to check it out and discover Hristo’s one-of-a-kind items!'

Jeanette Lee 

New Hampshire lake photo, 8x10 landscape photo mantel decor, affordable wall art country home decor, New England mountain view cabin decor

' features spring in New England at Lake Francis in New Hampshire. Note the last of winter's snow on the right. After a long winter in the Great North Woods, it is nice to see lakes without ice, grass starting to grow and snow melting from the mountains.'


Acadia National Park blank greeting card, Maine coast photo note card, anniversary card love note, thinking of you birthday card

Image source

A handmade card with a photography print by Jeanette Lee- she took this shot in the nature in Somes Sound in Acadia National Park on the Maine coast.


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