Donation of 5 Euros for planting trees that we made for November 2022- Our Monthly report

Hristo Hvoynev | 21 January, 2023

            Donation of 5 Euros for planting trees that we made for November 2022- Our Monthly report

ello, fans of arts and crafts and of course fans of ExiArts!
ExiArts in an eco-friendly brand that donates for planting trees with each order that you make on our website. According to what is the value of the order we donate different sum for planting a certain number of trees. You can read our Plant a tree campaign rules.

The donation transaction screenshot- proof for our donation

Below you can see the screenshot I made of the donation transaction I made for 5 Euros to the Foundation 77- the one to whom we always donate and they plant trees across Bulgaria. They have planted more than 2 Million trees now.
ExiArts donation of 5 Euros for planting trees for November 2023
Although we had zero sales I made the donation of 5 euros as it is a tradition in ExiArts- I started this tradition back in 2021. Even when we do not have sales we will donate at least 5 Euros for trees- this way I want to emphasise how important is for me ExiArts to be eco-friendly and to help plant trees.
Total number of orders on the ExiArts website for November 2022
Check the picture below to see the number of sessions on the Website which were from different traffic source. 
Sessions by traffic source on ExiArts website for November 2023
The number of session on the website were 788 which was with 25% more than compared to October 2022. Also 736 unique people- some of you may be, were the visitors for the month.
Total number of sessions on ExiArts website for the month of November 2022
As I mentioned in the previous Report on the 13th of January 2023 I moved to live and work in The Netherlands as I want to earn a better living here and I hope to develop my arts and crafts business better with the money I will earn here on my soon to start daily job in an ice cream factory- Holiday Ice.
I hope to hear from you in the comments below- please comment if you have any questions of if you have suggestions about ExiArts and crafts or arts. :)
Thank you for stopping by our website and for reading this Blog post!
Hristo Hvoynev

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