ExiArts website Monthly Report for May 2021- you helped us donate for planting 15 trees from 4 orders!!

Hristo Hvoynev | 04 June, 2021

            A handmade hang tag ith a twine cord hanging strip and a writing on it Eco-friendly with hand-drawn details around

Hello ,Friends!

Welcome to the 'ExiArts website Monthly Report for may 2021'!

Thank you for donating with us!

A computer generated image of four people and under them a writing that a donation of 5 euros has been made to the 77 Foundation for planting trees

As you can see in the picture above tonight I donated 5 euros to the 77 Foundation, and 5 euros are enough for planting 15 trees! Thank you for making your orders on the website! This includes the money from the order from April. I promised this sum would be donated together with those gathered from May. Read more about it in my April Monthly Report.

I donated the money directly on the 77 Foundation website at:


Four of you made orders through the month of May and as I have promised we donate for planting one tree from each order of yours that you make on Exiarts.com. You also support handmade and eco-friendly products for the better of the planet.

For May I have recycled about 4 huge home garbage bags with food packages, glass, metal cans, plastics, and papers. 

The revenue of the website is $218 and there were 481 online sessions on the website by you. Thank you for browsing ExiArts website!

Handmade hang tag with a red hanging satin ribbon and a writing Keep calm and open the gift with hand-drawn details around

I have served your 4 orders and I have sent every one of you a gift or two. I love keeping my customers happy with something from my heart in every package I ship worldwide. :)

I will continue updating you all about our Plant a Tree campaign

Hristo Hvoynev


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