Monthly Report for April 2021- we have one sale and one tree will be planted.

Hristo Hvoynev | 16 May, 2021

            A handmade green fabric hardcover journal with a brown vintage world map on the cover and a curved spine and a bookmark

As I have promised I will make a Monthly Report for our website activity concerning our Plant a tree campaign and how many orders have been done on the website.

We opened ExiArts website on 29th of April 2021.


1. We had only one sale for April- the first sale in ExiArts website ever! 

I want to say a note here for those of you who have not met us before- we sell online crafts and arts since 2013. We were using different platforms for our sales- mainly Etsy, Ebay. We have more than 2000 single orders, more than 5200 single crafts. We have had 4 wholesale deals with different businesses worldwide.

You can read more about ExiArts history here:

Welcome to our new website- a realm on a fantasy level!

2. One tree will be planted due to our first sale 

The first order was done at the same date by my friend Kiril Petrov- the man who helped me build the very website and also will help me with maintaining it in the future. 

Kiril ordered a print of Sagittarius star sky map for his girlfriend. 

So for April we had only 1 order and Kiril helped us donate money for planting one tree. We will donate the money at the end of May together with the money donations that will come from May month 2021.

I want to thank Kiril for making the first order on the website. He wanted that print and he also told me he wanted to make the first order as a test for check out and to see how the system of the website works with making an order.

I will continue making the Monthly Report at the beginning of each month so the report will be made for the previous month.

Thank you for reading my post and also for your support on the website, also thank you for visiting our website regularly!

For those of you who visit us for the first time- thank you for stopping by! I hope you will like it here! :) 

Hristo Hvoynev


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