I donated 10 euro for planting trees from 2 orders of cutomers- ExiArts Monthly Report for May 2023

Hristo Hvoynev | 07 August, 2023

            I donated 10 euro for planting trees from 2 orders of cutomers- ExiArts Monthly Report for May 2023

 Hello, to everyone who follows my Blog and also to everyone who supports ExiArts or has come to this page out of curiosity.

 ExiArts is an eco-friendly brand creating art and craft products, and I believe that the future for humanity is to use exclusively handmade and eco-friendly products. We need to return artisans and arts to our homes. When I started the website on April 29, 2021, I wanted to donate to planting trees from each order that you made on ExiArts website. If you are interested, you might read more about my Plant a tree campaign <-- here.

 Every month I make a Monthly Report for the donated money from orders of the customers of ExiArts and I also share insights from the statistics of the website.

 I am back a little with the Monthly Report as I work a daily job for now in the Netherlands, and I also did not have a good laptop and recently I bought one from my friend with whom we live in the Netherlands. My old one took 5-10 minutes to upload pictures to social media, and writing was bad with the old keyboard.

 In the month of May 2023 two of you made orders.  The amount spent was $66.45 for both the orders. As per the rules of my Plant a tree campaign I have to donate about 2-3 euro but I decided to donate more and I did 10 euro. My website does not have many sales yet but I will not quit and I will keep it online and I also prepare some new products to post soon. 

Here is the screenshot for ammount of the 2 orders. 


ExiArt had $66.45 from 2 orders in the month of May 2023

712 people visited the website for the entire May 2023 and they made 753 separate sessions on the different website pages.


sesions and unique visitors- traffic tatistics for ExiArts website for the month May 2023

 The most visitors were from the United States which was with 24% more compared to April 2023. Interesting to note is that since I am living in the Netherlands there is constant increase of people visiting from there. 

Visitors on ExiArts website for May 2023 by country- the top 5 countries

If you would like to support eco-friendly and handmade products and ExiArts and our donating campaign 

..for planting trees please browse our products and you might want to make an order for some craft or art from which order we will donate for planting at least 3 trees:


Please feel to ask me questions. I can also make for you s custom orders and I can do for you personalizations to many of the products. You can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or also you can email me at:


Thank you for reading my Blog and for supporting me as an artist and for contributing to my brand ExiArts for handmade and eco-friendly art products! 

Hristo Hvoynev




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