June 2023 Monthly Report for donations for trees from customers' orders- record donation of 20 Euros thanks to Lena from Austria and Alice from Australia !

Hristo Hvoynev | 21 September, 2023

            June 2023 Monthly Report for donations for trees from customers' orders- record donation of 20 Euros thanks to Lena from Austria and Alice from Australia !

Hello, my fellow fans and followers and also supporters of Handmade and Eco-friendly products!

It is time for the Monthly Report for June 2023. I am super late with this one as I was busy and tired from my daily work and also sometimes I lose inspiration with this daily job. Anyway now I am on a vacation for 24 days back to Bulgaria! I came back on Monday the 18th of September and I will stay here until 12th of October when I fly back to the Netherlands to work until the Christmas Holiday and my plan is in May 2023 to come back to Bulgaria permanently as I like my country and our Nature and I want to gather money for advertising my website with the goal to some day earn a living with my arts and my crafts as I did from 2013 until 2020 when that nasty virus crisis occured and my Etsy shop was closed due to late parcel by the Posts. Then on 29th of April 2021 I opened my website- the very website you read this article on. Since then I have 1-2-3 sales per month but I am sure soon enough I will once again earn a living with sales of my arts and crafts on this website.

Anyway, one must fail or meet hardship to the road of success in order to become stronger and even more ambitious to be able to withstand anything that can come on the road to following his or her dreams, isn't it so? What do you think?

As I have always said I will never stop crafting and making art, handmade, and eco-friendly products as this is one of my greatest passions in my life! It gives me purpose, satisfaction and dedication to live and to try to spread awareness for the state of our planet and also to leave a legacy behind me, even if it is some art and crafts that I created to inpire myself and others and to try to spread awareness for planting more trees and for caring much more about out Planet Earht and the Environment and way of life.

In June 2023 ExiArts website had 2 sales for about $519

These 2 sales were made by Lena from Austria who made an order for $463 and from Alice from Australia who made an order for $55. A per my rules of my  Plant a tree campaign this means I had to donate for planting 45 trees for the first order and 7 trees for the second order which makes 52 trees altogether. For 52 trees I had to donate about 18 Euros but I donated 20,74 Euros- 20 for planting trees and 0.74 for covering the PayPal fees so that the Foundation 77 does not pay the fees. 

I made donation of 20.74 Euros for planting trees for the Month of June 2023

Below you can ee the screenshot of the totl of 2 orders on my website on June 2023.


Total of 2 orders for the month of June 2023 on ExiArts website

 Here is the screenshot of the total sum of the 2 orders in US dollars.

Total of 51p.09 dollars from 2 orders on ExiArts website for June 2023


 I want to thankto all of you who visit my website and to those of you who make orders. I want to thank Lena and Alice for their orders in june 2023. I wish you all to be blessed!

I will soon make the article for donations for July 2023. I need to make also the article for August as I ill have much more time during my vacation now here in Bulgaria. 

Please if you like to support myself, my family and my ExiArts website you might like to order some arts or crafts on my Shop

I personalize for you or for your friends many crafts and you can also request from me a custom craft or art and if you need to contact me please email me at:


 This time I would like to end my Blog Post with some quotes about the Universe and wish my urge to you to follow your dreams and if you do not to start following your dreams this very second! I hope the following quotes will inspire you- I did not find who said this but may these quotes take you to the Sky and the Stars and make you never give up on your dreams!

“The universe is not just a place, it's a boundless realm of possibilities.” “In the vastness of the universe, we are but tiny specks, yet we have the power to dream and create.” “The universe is a cosmic symphony, and we are all just notes in its grand composition.”

Hristo Hvoynev


21st of September 2023

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