Monthly report of ExiArts for June 2022

Hristo Hvoynev | 03 September, 2022

            Monthly report of ExiArts for June 2022

Hello to all of you fans of handmade and arts,

 In June and July I have been working in construction sites with some friends. Yesterday I returned to my town of Smolyan. The mountain is still so mystical!

I have not been posting much in the blog recently but I am preparing to list some new item.  Well, the Summer has not been great in term of sales on ExiArts but at least I had one amazing Summer and I also continued creating new handmade products with eco-friendly materials.

Below you can see the statistic of ExiArts website in June 2022. We had a total of one order.


ExiArts website had total of one sale in June 2022

ExiArts had one sale for $52.00 in June. As a tradition we donate for planting trees for each order someone of you makes on our website. I am trying to hold the website live and in the last 5 days there is having a huge traffic coming suddenly. I am sure soon enough people will come more often to the website an will shop more.

ExiArts had one sale of $52 for the month of June 2022

The increase in traffic in June 2022 keeps me motivated as we had average of 26.25% increase in overall traffic.

ExiArts had %5 increase in total sessions for June 2022

I was late with my donation this Summer but I donated 5 euros to Foundation 77 for the month of June 2021.

ExiArts donation of five euros for planting trees

I had an amazing 6 day trip with my cousin to the fortress Gradishteto- ancient Thracian castle and fortress. I am speachless from the visit of this site...

My cousin taking picture from the top of the Gradishteto ancient Thracian fortress


View from the top of a mountain ridge on the Gradishteto Thracian ancient fortress in Bulgaria 2022

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