ExiArts' Monthly Report for July 2022- orders and donating for our Plant A Tree Campaign

Hristo Hvoynev | 12 September, 2022

            ExiArts' Monthly Report for July 2022- orders and donating for our Plant A Tree Campaign

Hello to everyone who is reading our Blog!

It is Hristo Hvoynev here- the founder of ExiArts and this website.

 ExiArts makes a  Monthly Report  for the donations our customers have helped us made for planting trees and as well for the website statistics for a given month.  As always in the Monthly Report section of our Blog I share with you data from the website sales and views and also how much are the donations for our Plant a tree campaign that we did in the given month.

In the last month- trough out the whole of August I have been working on construction sites in another town- far from my birth town of Smolyan. I need to earn a living as our website is not generating enough sales yet to make a living from it. Maybe some of you have been wandering why I do not post in the Blog or on Social media. 

I made the donation for planting trees for July in early September. I donated 5 Euros which is enough to plant 15 trees by the Foundation 77. As we had only 1 sale for $35 for July we had to donate for planting 1 tree as per our Plant A Tree Campaign but as I have a tradition to donate at least 5 Euros every month- I make this when we had less than 5 Euros for donating gathered from your orders.

Our donation of 5 Euro for the Foundation 77 for planting about 15 trees

In July ExiArts website had 616 sessions and 581 visitors, which was 23% increase and 19% increase respectively. See the picture below:

Total number of sessions on ExiArts website for July 2022
We can observe increase in sessions from the country that ExiArts had most visitors from. Th biggest increase was for the sessions from Australia- 130% more sessions compared to the June period.
Sessions by locations on ExiArts website for July 2022
Overall the website had 35$ in sales for July 2022.
Total sales in US dollars on ExiArts website for July 2022


Please support our donating campaign

for planting trees please browse our products and you might want to make an order for some craft or art from which order we will donate for planting at least one tree:


Please feel free to ask me questions. You can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or also you can email me at:


Thank you for reading our blog and for supporting ExiArts handmade and eco-friendly business! 

Hristo Hvoynev



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