ExiArts' website sales, traffic and donations for planting trees for the month of August 2022

Hristo Hvoynev | 05 November, 2022

            ExiArts' website sales, traffic and donations for planting trees for the month of August 2022

Hello to everyone who is interested in arts and handmade crafting with eco-friendly materials.

 Every month I make a report about our website statistics and also about the number of sales and the number of trees to be planted as our customers have helped us donate a portion from their orders as per our Plant a tree campaign.

I write this Monthly Report too late as it is for the month of August 2022 but now I will make it up to the month of October 2022. I am planing to release the other 2 reports in 24 hours- the September and October months.

How many sales did we have in August 2022?

We had a total of zero sales in August 2022. I am not discouraged as in the last 2 weeks we have seen more traffic from Search results from people who found us on Google. 





How much we donated?

So I have donated 5 Euros even if we did not have any sales in this month as this is already a more than one year tradition in ExiArts brand and on our website. Whenever we do not have sales for the month or the sales are not many we will donate at least 5 Euros for planting trees. We donate the money to the Foundation 77 in Bulgaria.

 Below you can see a picture of the transaction I made to the Foundation 77.


Here you can see the traffic sessions by source on ExiArts website for the month of August 2022. We can see an increase of 69% of the Search results which is a fantastic sign for our website- a sign that Google is ranking us well and we receive traffic from people who find us on Google.


 Here is the stat for the number of orders for August 2022. As I mentioned above the data shows we had zero sales.

Number of orders on ExiArts website for August 2022


 Here we can observe the number of traffic sessions and the number of the visitors- both of these stats with an increase of about 40% compared to the month of May 2022.


If you love handmade crafts and arts and if you also are eco-friendly aware and are a fan of eco crafts and materials you might search our creations in our Shop website section at the link below:


 With each order you make on ExiArts website you will help to plant at least one tree! We will donate a sum from your purchase to plant one tree with the Bulgarian Foundation 77🌳🌲

We will leave a monthly report for the donated money in our Monthly Report blog section on the website.

1. If your order is for up to $50 we will donate for planting 2 trees.

2.Make an order for $51 to $99 and we will donate for planting 4 trees!

3. If you place an order from $100 up to $199 you will help us to donate money for planting 8 trees to the Foundation 77.

4. If you purchase more than $200 in goodies you will help us to donate money to plant a record 20 trees!

5. Order crafts or arts for more than $400 and we will donate to plant 30 trees! 🌳🌲

6. From wholesale orders and from people who order for more than $600 we will donate for planting 50 trees! Of course if anyone makes a bigger purchase we will plant even more trees and share it on our Blog.

 Thank you for reading my article and for being with us and ExiArts! Thank you for all of your support in the years since 2013 when ExiArts was born!

Hristo Hvoynev




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