ExiArts Monthly Report for sales and donations for planting trees for May 2022

Hristo Hvoynev | 09 June, 2022

            ExiArts Monthly Report for sales and donations for planting trees for May 2022

Hello, folks of arts and crafts and also those of you who are fans of ExiArts,

 First of all I want to thank all of you who made orders on the website in the resent months and also to thank those of you who visit the website and give your support to ExiArts! And of course, thank you to all of you who read my blog posts!

 I make a  Monthly Report  for the donations our customers have helped us made for planting trees and as well for the website statistics for a given month. With each order you make on the website we donate for planting at least one tree.

In May our website had total of 2 sales with a total of $67,40 revenue. As per our Plant a tree campaign rules these two sales help us to donate for 2 trees. But it is a tradition for me to donate at least 5 euros even when the sales have not been much. Below you can see the pictures for the transaction I made for the donation to Foundation 77.

Transaction of 5 euro for donating for planting trees to the Foundation 77

 Transaction details of the donated 5 euros are on the next picture:

Transaction details for donating for planting trees to the Foundation 77 in Bulgaria

 Here is the screenshot of the total order that were made on ExiArts website for the month of May. It is with 2 sales less compared to the 4 sales in April. I hope in June the sales will reach at least 6 and my dream is to have 10 sales which would be a record for a given month since we opened the website on 29th of April 2021. The record so far has been 7 sales in one month and this was in November 2021 when I made a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Total number of sales on ExiArts website for May 2022

 The total revenue of the website was $67.40. This can not cover the monthly expenses but I will keep going as I m hopeful for the future of the website- as now we are already a cooperative shop and we offer not just my own crafts and arts ( the author of this article is myself- Hristo Hvoynev- the founder of ExiArts ) but also the crafts of some other artisans.


Total sales in US dollars on ExiArts website for May 2022

 We had a total of 502 sessions and also 488 unique visitors in May 2022. I am not discouraged as sometimes the statistics of the website are less than the previous month but then on the next month we observe much better results- it is like sometimes we make one step back but after that we make two steps ahead.


Total sessions and unique visitors on ExiArts website for May 2022
Here is another statistic that also makes me feel better- the Online store sessions by location. We can see here an increase of the sessions from The United States with 11% and and increase of the sessions from The United Kingdom with 143%- one of the main customers on our website are from those two countries.
Online store sessions by location on ExiArts website for May 2022
And the last statistic for today but not the least important- even the opposite- one of the most important as I have mentioned in previous blog posts- the Online store sessions by traffic source. Please see the picture below where it says 'Search'.
Why is 'Search' statistic important? Because this statistic shows the number of people who have visited the website after they have been searching for something on Google and they have discovered our website links in Google ( of course mostly Google but sometimes also other search engines ) and have visited the links from there. And for the month of May we have an increase of 15% in the Search visitors. This means that every month that passes Google gives us more visitors because Google have given us better ranking than the previous month.
Online sessions by traffic source on ExiArts website for May 2022

If you make an order of any craft or art on our website you will help us donate for planting at least one tree. We have a decent selection of crafts and arts on our shop:


If you need to ask us any questions you can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or you can email us:


Thank you so much, Folks- for being supporters of ExiArts website and for supporting handmade and eco-friendly gifts and arts! 💓

Hristo Hvoynev



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