Monthly Report for ExiArts statistics and for your orders that helped for donations to planting trees- for February 2022

Hristo Hvoynev | 04 April, 2022

            Monthly Report for ExiArts statistics and for your orders that helped for donations to planting trees- for February 2022


Hello fans of arts, crafts and handmade products! 💓💓

We in ExiArts have a Plant A Tree Campaign and for each order you make on this website we donate for planting of at least one tree depending on the order value. We donate the money to the Foundation 77.

Every Month I write a in the Monthly Report section of our Blog I share with you data from the website sales and views and also how much are the donations for our Plant a tree campaign that we did in the given month- thanks to your orders.

In February 2022 we had total of 2 orders. You can see the screenshot from our statistics for the total orders between February 1st and February 28th.

Total orders on ExiArts website for February 2022

Here is the total sum of the 2 orders which is $54.80. This means two people helped us donate for planting 2 trees according to the rules of our Plant A Tree Campaign. But as it is a tradition in ExiArts we donate at least 5 Euros for planting trees every Month.


Total sales in United States dollars on ExiArts website for February 2022

So I donated 5 Euros for the Month of February for planting trees to the Foundation 77. This is enough for them to plant at least 15 trees. Whenever the total order value is bigger in a given Month, then we count the number of trees we should donate for to be planted according to the Rules of our planting donations campaign.

Below you can see the screenshot of the transaction of 5 Euros to the Foundation 77. I made it on 15th of March. Read further below to learn other interesting statistics from our website for February 2022.

Donations of 5 Eurosby ExiArts customers for planting 15 trees for February  2022

On the photo below you can observe the Online store sessions on the website which were 499 with 435 unique visitors for February 2022. This was with 10% more compared to the sessions in January 2022.

Online store sessions on ExiArts website for February 2022

We continue with the Online store sessions by traffic source. The Direct traffic was with 3% more and the Search traffic was with 47%more compared to the previous Month. Search results is a very important statistic we follow on our ExiArts website is the online store sessions by traffic source. What is vital for a website is the Search store sessions- those are sessions made by people who find us on various search engines like Google or Bing or others. So I am extremely happy that more and more people are discovering us online.

I want to thank to all of you who have visited our web pages and for giving us your online support! Be blessed, Folks! 💓💓

Online store sessions by traffic source on ExiArts website for February 2022

 For now I tend to save the website and not close it even though that sometimes there are months with no sales at all, but as I have learned it takes time to develop a website and also patience. I am sure things will be much better in the coming year. When I used to sell on Etsy I had to develop my shop there for more than 17 Months until I reached a decent level of sales to be able to earn my living with crafts and arts. This very website is my new beginning but I am already a way ahead of the very beginning as I have huge experience online in selling since I had a shop on Etsy for 7 year until 2020,. I know how to make customer service enticing and unique and I love to communicate with my customers and make them happy with their products.


Please support our donating campaign

for planting trees- please browse our products and you might want to make an order for some craft or art from which order we will donate for planting at least one tree.

You can read more on our Plant A Tree Campaign page:

Please feel free to ask me questions. You can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or also you can email me at:

Thank you for reading our Blog pages and for supporting ExiArts handmade and eco-friendly products! 💓💓

Hristo Hvoynev




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