ExiArts Transparency review for donations for planting trees and statistics for January 2023

Hristo Hvoynev | 10 March, 2023

            ExiArts Transparency review for donations for planting trees and statistics for January 2023

Hello folks all over the world!

It is Hristo Hvoynev here- the founder of ExiArts.

As some of you know ExiArts makes a Transparency review or a  Monthly Report  for the donations our customers have helped us made for planting trees and as well for the website statistics for a given month. On the Monthly Report section of our Blog I share with you data from the website sales and views and also how much are the donations for our Plant a tree campaign that we did in the given month.

 This article is the report for the month of January 2023. In that month ExiArts website had zero sales but as it is a tradition even then I donate at least 5 Euros for planting trees across Bulgaria. I donate these money to Foundation 77.

Until November 2022 the foundation has planted more than 2 000 000 trees now. Many volunteers help them in their planting campaign.
ExiArts wants to help them together with you through donations from your orders as donations are their only source of money to make planting campaigns.

Donation of 5 Euros for the month of January 2023 by ExiArts website

Below you can observe a screenshot of the website statistics for January- specifically this one is for number of orders on ExiArts website. I started this website on 29th of April 2021 and yet it is not generating many sales. I am planning to make some advertising in Tik Tok or on Instagram or Facebook. I wonder where it would have better effect of advertising. 


ExiArts total number of sales on the website for the month of January 2023

The total number of views on the website for January 2023 was 654 which was with 5% less compared to December 2022. These sessions were made by 632 unique persons- some of you maybe?

Total numbers os sessions and unique visitors on ExiArts website for January 2023

On the next screenshot we can see the sessions by location. As most of the time this month we had most of the views from the United States- 400. Following is Canada and the United Kingdom with both countries made 30 sessions on the website. ExiArts also had 24 sessions from India and the Netherlands- as recently I move to live and work in the Netherlands for one year.

Sessions on ExiArts website by country source for January 2023


Thank you so much for supporting us on our social media sites and also for visiting our website! Be blessed, Folks!


If you like to support us you might consider to make an order on our Shop Section.


Kind regards,


Hristo Hvoynev 

ExiArts 2023

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