I made a donation of 5 euro for planting trees for February 2023- one sale on the website for February!

Hristo Hvoynev | 01 May, 2023

            I made a donation of 5 euro for planting trees for February 2023- one sale on the website for February!

Hello, Fans of crafts and arts and eco-friendly products!

   As always I am posting my  Monthly Report where I share with you how much sales our website had in a given month and also how many of you visited the website and of course the donations for planting trees you helped us make from your orders on the site.  In February we had one sale for the amount of $15.50 which was made by Kevin from the United States who is a new customer of ExiArts and I want to thank him for choosing to order from us. As per the rules of our  Plant a tree campaignIf your order is for up to $50 we will donate for planting 3 trees. So for the order by Kevin I donated 5 euros which is enough to plant 15 trees. Why I donated more than Kevin order would suggest to? Because since August 2021 I have a tradition to donate at least 5 euros for planting trees- of course if there are more orders I would donate the ammount that would corespond to the orders that you make on our website according to our Plant a tree campaign.

Below is the screenshot of the donation in PayPal I made with the uniqe transaction number.

Transaction for donation of 5 euros for planting trees by ExiArts


Below is the screenshot of the website statistics where you can see that we had one sale for the month of February:


one order was made on ExiAts website in the month of February 2023 for th value of $15

Total sales in US dollars on ExiArts you can see below:


We had one sale on ExiArts website for the month of February- sale for $15.50
In the month of February 2023 503 of you were visiting the site and the sessions made were 538. This means some of you were visiting the site multiple times.
Total number of sessions and visitors on ExiArts website for February 2023
The most visitors were from the United States and then from the Netherlands. This is maybe because I leave and work for no in the Netherlands since January 2023. As and artist it is hard to make a living trough online sales in the last years. Competition is higher than ever. I would like to keep my website for now no matter that I generate a lot of expences and pay money to support trhe website and my small firm which I need to have in order to have the website. I have to pay taxes as a self-employed in Bulgaria- my own country. This is why I came to work in the Netherlands for some time now.
Visitors on ExiArts website for February 2023 by Country
I hope this blog post was interesting for you and I will kep updating you fo the month of March and April soon. My laptop is old and it takes some time to load my website dashboard and manager pages as Shopify platform on which my website is build is also a heavy platform when you arre with an old computer.I am planing to buy a new laptop from my salary here in the Netherlands so it will save me time and effort to write blog articles and to manage my website.

If you are interested to supporting my crafting and arts please visit my Shop Section. There you can also find some photography and crafts from some of my friends. And please do not forget that with each order you make I will donate some money for planting trees in Bulgaria to the Foundation 77. Please read our Plant a tree campaign.

Thank you for reading this article! Be blessed and may the Stars guide you!

 Kind regards,

Hristo Hvoynev 

ExiArts 2023

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