Zero sales on ExiArts website for March 2023 but yet I donated 5 euros for planting trees in Bulgaria

Hristo Hvoynev | 02 May, 2023

            Zero sales on ExiArts website for March 2023 but yet I donated 5 euros for planting trees in Bulgaria

Hi, ExiArts loyal fans and wanderers who just discovered this website!

 Many of you know that I make a Monthly Report fr Transparency for donations for planting trees that I make thanks to the orders some of you made on ExiArts and a Repot for the statistics of the website.

For the month of March ExiArts did not have sales and when I have zero sales on the site I have a tradition to donate at least 5 euros for planting trees as EiArts is an eco-friendly brand and this is extremely important for me and I hope for you too.

The following picture shows the unique transaction number and the thanks message for the donation of 5 euros I made for the month of March 2023.

Donation of 5 euros for planting trees by ExiArts for March 2023


I know I have been late for the latest Monthly Reports so I want to say I am sorry to all of you! Since I moved to the Neterlands on January 2023 to work in an Ice Cream factory I do not have inspiration on time to make my articles, but I would never miss a donation for planting trees for a given month. 

 The next picture shows the statistic for the number of sales for March. As I mentioned zero sales for the month. 

Zero sales on ExiArts website for March 2023
597 unique visitors were visiting the site and they made 616 web page views.
number of sessions and visitors on ExiArts website for march 2023
The visitors from the United States were 346, as usual the most visitors are from there.
number of sessions on ExiArts website by country of origin
Thank you so much for visiting my website and for reading this article! I will soon make a donation for April 2023 and I will also make the article in the Blog for the Monthly Report.

If you would like to support my crafting and arts please visit my Shop Section.  You can also find there some photography and crafts from some of my friends. And please do not forget that with each order you make I will donate some money for planting trees in Bulgaria to the Foundation 77. Please read our Plant a tree campaign.

Thank you for reading this article! Be blessed and may the Stars shine on you!

 Kind regards,

Hristo Hvoynev 

ExiArts 2023

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