July 2021 ExiArts website Monthly Report- you helped us donate for planting 5 trees from 1 order!

Hristo Hvoynev | 08 August, 2021

            July 2021 ExiArts website Monthly Report- you helped us donate for planting 5 trees from 1 order!

Hello, Folks,

The ExiArts Monthly Report for July 2021 is already here!

Due to my website is brand new- about 3 months old- it does not generate many sales per month yet. It takes at least 3 months for Google to rate a brand new site and for the website to have better positions on Google Search. So we are just at the beginning of the rating process- we opened on 29th of April 2021 and on 29th of July we have reached the 3 month 'Birthday'.

So, in July ExiArts received 1 order from Lena from Austria. Lena is one of my repeat customers and I want to thank her so much as she helped us donate for planting of 5 trees with her order of $174.38.

Exiarts sales overview for the website in July 2021

As stated in our Plant a Tree Campaign for an order between $100 and $200 we donate for planting 5 trees with your help thanks to your orders on ExiArts!

As I have promised back in June in my June 2021 Monthly Report I donated the money from June and July together with one single donation Today- 8.8.2021. It looks like an amazing date, isn't it?

Donation of 4 Euros by ExiArts customers orders for planting trees across Bulgaria by Foundation 77.

It turned out that I can add a custom sum for donation. The previous time I thought I can only donate at least 5 Euros but indeed I donated a custom sum of 4 Euros which is enough to plant 10 trees.


June 2021- donated for planting 2 trees.

July 2021- donated for planting 8 trees.

If you would like to support our donating campaign for planting trees please browse our products and you might want to make an order:


Please feel free to ask me any questions and you can use the Contact form from the main navigation menu on the top of any page on ExiArts website or also you can email me at:


I can craft for you custom handmade crafts and we can discuss with you any personalizations you might need or like to have for your gifts from ExiArts.

I will continue updating you all about our Plant a Tree campaign and about my Monthly Report

Hristo Hvoynev


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